Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile. Ceramic tiles are a timeless, durable flooring choice that has been the most popular architectural decoration for thousands of years. Why? Ceramic tile is versatile. It
offers flexibility and detail that makes design ideas virtually endless. You can express yourself through the sheer beauty and rich character tile gives to any area in, or outside of your home.
Ceramics are available in countless styles from simple traditional natural unglazed terracotta, to highly decorated individual tiles or intricate mosaics. New manufacturing technologies have increased the limitless range of colors, shades, sizes, styles, finishes, shapes and textures available.

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Tile floors installation is labor intensive and messy. The tools and diamond cut blades are expensive. Measurements must be exact and installation is designed to be permanent. The medium is highly unforgiving of errors and a difficult fix. Don’t get stuck looking at glaring mistakes for years.
Just call Double N Carpets. We get the job done right the first time.

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Additional benefits of ceramic tile include:

Once your new carpet is groomed, doors re-hung, and furniture moved back; all you need to do is enjoy your new floors.

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