Hardwood Flooring Installation


No matter if you are constructing a new home or beginning a brand new remodel project, you can be sure that authentic hardwood flooring will give remarkable beauty, elegance, high quality, and sustainability to your home. Sturdy well built and flexibility is the qualities you receive from hardwood floor, and it can benefit you lasting a lifetime with correct proven proper care.Hardwood flooring stays in style eve when you decide to switch up your decor.​The look you choose from sophisticated to simple floor types hardwood floors have become a staple. We will give you the support in the selection process of the finish, color, and type of wood available best for you.

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The process of creating hardwood floor installations successfully starts with sub-surface preparation. Sub-floors that are clean and even plane radically extend the life and effectiveness of your new wood floor. The Double N Services system has the background to take care of all plans and types of hardwood floor installations, even bamboo.

  • Nail Down: Solid strips and planks we install with nailing bits, a wood flooring nailer, and a mallet
  • Glue: The flue down tactic is the method to install engineered wood and parquet floors. The "glue" is a natural resin or mastic adhesive that extends with a trowel to attach your hardwood to the subfloor
  • Floating: The type of floors that float are some engineered floors and Longstrip tongue and groove floors. With this technique, your hardwood floor is not secure to the subfloor. A thin compress will set between the hardwood and the subfloor. The wood glue keeps the strips or planks connected
  • Your tile will push back scum to dirt, liquids, and further stain hazards.

Double N Services can handle all of your flooring plan possibilities.We will visit your property for free give you a free consultation and free on-site estimate.​We stand behind, giving you top-rated customer service. That is the reason we include a full one warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. Call us or fill out your free estimate form now and begin on your forward flooring plans.

The moment you make a decision on the hardwood for your flooring installation or replacement project, you are selecting an organic, natural product with style already proven it has stood the test of time. What's more to the enduring beauty of natural hardwood floors is they additionally give a bundle of benefits like:

  • The bonus dollar value of your property
  • Ability to last
  • Repellent of spills (when cleaned instantly to fend off warping
  • Fewer allergens
  • Little maintenance
  • Stain resistance

Our experienced trained and knowledgeable free estimate flooring consultants can support you researching and understanding the advantages and disadvantages for each wood flooring product selection, so you can decide what’s best for your floor. Hardwood floors form from an array of hard natural wood species. Double N Services in Marietta GA has been installing and giving maintenance to wood floors for families, individuals, and businesses in our Georgia community for over 13 years. We can support your selection and design process the picking the most valuable hardwood for your flooring plan. ​We have access to an extensive selection of wood flooring products, and our professionals can assist you in picking and designing the layout of your hardwood flooring. We can deliver wood alternatives such as laminate flooring too.


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