Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing is the best way to restore an outdated or worn down hardwood floor with scrapes, scratches, and marks on the finish. Hardwood floor refinishing removes the majority of stains and damage and creates a new lease of life to dull, discolored floors.​ When your floor has been the recipient to years of massive foot traffic or you’ve lost track of the recommended re-coating service, refinishing is the ideal cost-effective method to make a less than average floor looking its best again. At Double N Services we are in line with giving our clients hardwood floor refinishing services of superior quality at the lowest prices we can package.

We are one of the most knowledgeable and tested wood floor refinishing companies in Marietta Atlanta, Georgia, and a 50-mile radius around. We have earned more than a decade of working hours with residential and commercial wood flooring, as well as staying up to date with industry information. We understand how to precisely use the industry’s most useful refinishing tactics for the entire hardwood floor collection. Our hardwood floor refinishing system covers taking safety steps to restrict dust, removing any carpet, linoleum, or vinyl from the hardwood floor.

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Following our due diligence to protect the stripping and sanding the wood process.​ Once that is complete, we apply two to four coats of stain and finish. To assist you in choosing the best stain, we like to demo samples yet also add your selected colors to the sanded wood so you can envision the function for your wood how it flows with your decor and how the lighting looks for you. Stains are available in a full array of colors, and our finishes arrive in low, medium, and high gloss. Our highly tested craftsmen usually accomplish hardwood floor refinishing plans in two to four days or less and use compassionate care to ensure protection to your home and furnishings instead of a rush to finish the job.​ Also, our company highly trained and proven tested owner is involved with all our project plans making sure that all wood floor refinishing plan exceeds the standard.

Go Pro With Double N Services for Expert Hardwood Refinishing and Restoration

Call the hardwood floor enthusiasts and experts at Double N Services now for your installation, refinishing, restoration, and repair goals. Our hardwood floor refinishing service is useful for bringing back hardwood floors built before 1950 and for those showcasing significant signs of wear and tear. We are open and welcome projects of all sizes and give free on-site estimates to anyone in Marietta Atlanta, Georgia. Double N Services licensed, bonded, and insured.

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