Laminate Flooring

The goal of laminate flooring is to furnish the look and feel of natural products like authentic exotic or distressed hardwood or high-end stone minus the high price write up or upkeep. Laminate is tough and stain-resistant, which makes it best for areas and properties with lots of foot activity and traffic. In the past, laminate floors were simple to spot but new; improved technology lets manufacturers make stunningly realistic looks and textures that are strictly indistinguishable compared to the real deal. Most of the time, the untrained eye can’t notice the difference even from a close distance.

Laminate floors are a synthetic selection of flooring ranging from many layers. The layers are fused jointly when a lamination sequence and most times look like wood or stone flooring. Double N Services in Marietta GA can assure you create and choose the ideal laminate floor for your manifestation.

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Laminate flooring showcases a wide range of designs and is much more expansive than a hardwood like layouts. It can visually resemble:

  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Stone Tile Flooring

Also, with its design functionality, laminate floors are demonstrably durable and need little attention and maintenance. Laminate flooring gives you the chance to create a vision you want without the expensive cost the hardwood stone and tile flooring are valued.

Laminate is simple to install since it is known to be a “floating floor.” This selection of material can be installed straight over your existing plywood subfloor or any new hard surface floor that includes hardwood, concrete, linoleum. Assuming the subfloor is currently smooth and even we can make it work with your existing material. Our professionals will take the current floor product and give you a certified installation.

As professionals we can guarantee a beautiful, efficient and correct installation. Just relax and enjoy.

Marietta, Atlanta and Surrounding Laminate Flooring Installation

Achieve Your Affordable Sturdy Long Lasting Laminate Floors
Double N Services in Marietta gives you highly exceptional products with the entire flooring, carpet cleaning, and water damage restoration projects.We ensure you are getting the gift you desire for your property and offer a comprehensive warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty for all products and services.Make your residential or commercial environment stand out by getting a free design consultation and free in on-site estimate from one of our floor experts.​ Call us today or fill out the contact form now and learn how we will support you to evolve your space.

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