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Area Rug Cleaning. Hand made silk oriental? No Problem. Just call Double N Services – that’s all. We determine a cleaning “prescription” according to your specific type of rug and inherent construction and fiber content that affect cleaning. Our DNS Low Moisture Green & Clean System ® uses bio-active products are specially formulated for your specific rug or carpet type.

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Can You Pass This Dirty Rug Test?

Pick up a corner of the rug and while holding it, kick the back of the rug sharply. If a cloud of dirt flies out of the pile, the rug is dirty and needs cleaning.

  1. Kneel down on the rug and rub the pile vigorously with your hand in a short arc for 5 to 10 seconds. Look at your fingers and palm: if your hand is dirty, the rug needs cleaning.
  2.  With the pile facing UP fold part of the rug back upon itself so that the pile opens along a line of knots. Look down into the base of the pile at the foundation of the rug. If the warp and weft look dirty, there is dirt deep in the pile where a home vacuum cleaner cannot reach it.If you answered yes to any of these questions, you rug needs cleaning.
  3. Call 770 845-4303 today.

Dry Soil Removal

Did you know that a 9 X 12 rug can hold close to 90 lbs of dirt. We use special vacuum attachments and equipment to lift the pile and clean rugs from both the front and back.

Call Double N Services for professional residential & commercial carpet cleaning.

Pre-Conditioning and Stain Removal

Some rugs may need to be pre-treated to emulsify the soils. We use professional spotting agents for tough stains pre-treat problem areas before cleaning the rug. We have about 95% rate of success on most stains including stains from unknown causes. Some of the stains we remove from rugs on a daily basis include: Grease, Paint, Soft drinks, Ketchup, Juice, Lipstick, Ink, Rust, Blood, Crayon, Wine.

Pet Odor & Deodorizing Treatment

The deodorizing process is fundamental to keep your carpet looking and smelling clean. Our organic emulsifying agents remove pet odors from carpet and padding by eliminating them.

Protector Application

We highly recommend Protector application for your rugs, carpets and upholstery. This is especially important if you have pets to ensure less stains in the future as well as to help prevent rug, carpet and upholstery saturation processes

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